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I am not a writer for a living but have ideas in mind. I have been on fan fiction sites and leave it to paid writers to make the money. I am into Marvel and Star Wars. I am a fan of Rob Zombie and my favorite movie by him is the Devil's Rejects. I have thoughts on movies, books, comics and television shows. My most favorites of Marvel Comics are Daredevil and Spider-Man. I'm into superhero team ups. I read Star Wars comics and watch the television shows. My ideas for Marvel and Star Wars I could automatically grant you permission on my pages if they are accurate. I contribute information to wikis and on the ideas wiki. I have a fan fiction site 25 entries and 5 entries on a site for original fiction.

As I don't write for a living I have my pages and automatically give permission to other fans to post on my pages their ideas like for Independence Day, Rob Zombie movies, Star Wars and Marvel Comics based movies. Those of us writing for a living on those ideas will have to by law pay the copyright holders for written consent. Those are ideas for movies, books, comics, video games and television shows.



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