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Welcome to the TV Ideas Wiki- a place to make your own TV show ideas, this including spin-offs, reboots, or pretty much anything your heart desires. Contact an administrator if you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy!


Want to start an idea for a TV Show or Character? Start here! The TV Show creator creates a basic template if you don't want to make it episode by episode, and you want to make it a standalone page. If you want to make a TV Show to default way, use the create TV Idea tool on the Idea Creator and erase the "Plot" section and replace it with "Episodes". In the "Episodes" section link any episodes, which are made by clicking the paper icon on the navigation bar. When you create a separate episode page, make sure it is linked somehow to the mother page. Happy writing!

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Miss Teleport Edit

SwitzerlandDormmamu's idea, "Miss Teleport" has won April's TV Idea of the Month poll. "Red Hood" from Valeyard6282 came in tied, however; one was randomly selected, giving "Miss Teleport" the win. Congrats to SwitzerlandDormmamu for winning April's award. Keep up the good work!

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Here is the poll for TV Show of the Month for May 2018! A winner will be selected May 26, 2018.

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