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There is permission automatically granted by the contributor of this page to edit or post more ideas in as long as it's we don't do this for a living. Those are shows that should be in the 2020's. Also us fans contributing to here should leave it to paid/professional writers to write the scripts for the movies, television shows and comic books like any episode of the television show. Ideas are subject to change on this page. There is permission automatically granted by the contributor of this page to edit or post more ideas in as long as it's we don't do this for a living. Also us fans contributing to here should leave it to paid/professional writers to write the scripts for the movies, television shows and comic books like any episode of the television show. Other fans could come up with ideas of new characters casted or the productions if those projects get done by could offer actors those parts.

Also there should be tie in books and comics for Phase 4 MCU films but the novelizations should be released right after the movies and the Disney company could make more money that way with authors or book companies under license by Marvel Studios like the Star Wars films have novelizations to them. Other fans could write in X-Men ideas and maybe with Fox owned by Disney there should be X-Men 2099 films or an Inhumans 2099 or even Fantastic Four 2099 film. That’s in the early 2030’s. Maybe making money off of film novelizations like full length and junior novels to the kid friendly ones could get more money for those other Marvel movies and even television shows like Heroes for Hire miniseries, Nick Fury, Midnight Sons, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Scarlet Witch, Loki and She-Hulk and maybe future seasons for Cloak & Dagger or New Warriors if the show is never cancelled. Larry Cranston should be the Mr. Fear on the Heroes for Hire miniseries. If Tony Masters dies in Black Widow then Zoltan Drago could take his place as Taskmaster.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Future Products like movies or television shows.

Fans could put in ideas like those there are pre Heroes For Hire Movies. Possibly 2022 and 2021 the Scarlet Witch and Loki television shows along with Nick Fury television show and in 2022 premiere Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and She-Hulk television shows. Those shows should be in the 2020’s. 

Also there are ideas for television shows.

The Season 4 of Daredevil is when Matt Murdock dons the yellow and red costume of Daredevil. This season should consist of 10 episodes/issues. Eric Slaughter could be the villain for Daredevil Season 4 and Bullseye works for him and ending in season Eric Slaughter is arrested by Brett Mahoney as Bullseye is arrested by the good cops. Daredevil should also take on Eric Slaughter's gang. Maybe with DD rebooted by the MCU there should be the Heroes for Hire put into comic books. There should be an episode with Melissa Gold as Screaming Mimi. Daredevil faces that female villain. Daredevil defeats Screaming Mimi. He should have an episode fighting Wilbur Day the Stilt Man. Also, should debut Bushwhacker and he loses his human parts as he fights Gladiator Melvin Potter out of prison. There should be in Iron Fist Season 3 Iron Fist battles Steel Serpent and he defeats him talked of by Daredevil.  Maybe before Bullseye and Eric Slaughter rise there should be a DD season 3 episode when Willie Lincoln is a new cop appearing. What should be made into comics are Season 3 of Iron Fist, Season 3 of Luke Cage and Season 4 of Daredevil along with the Punisher Season 3 if not made is put into comics. Willie Lincoln is with Brett Mahoney on the Eric Slaughter arrest. There should be in the finale of DD season 4 after the arrest of Eric Slaughter and Bullseye that the Kingpin had escaped. Daredevil is told by Melvin Potter that Luke Cage and Iron First have started Heroes for Hire agency. Daredevil puts thoughts into hiring Luke Cage and Iron Fist. There are talks of other heroes to join the Defenders team if DD puts re actives that team.

This show should happen after more seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Punisher and Kevin Feige should canonize the TV shows.

There should be comic books to replace the cancelled MCU shows on Netflix. The Punisher Season 3, Iron Fist Season 3, Luke Cage Season 3 and Daredevil Season 4. That should be prelude to the Heroes for Hire miniseries. If it doesn’t get to be a TV show it should be web comics to comics in print. This should all be canonized by Kevin Feige that are Agents of Shield and Netflix TV shows.

This show should happen after more seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Punisher and Kevin Feige should canonize the TV shows.

There should be comic books to replace the cancelled MCU shows on Netflix. The Punisher Season 3, Iron Fist Season 3, Luke Cage Season 3 and Daredevil Season 4. That should be prelude to the Heroes for Hire miniseries. If it doesn’t get to be a TV show it should be web comics to comics in print. This should all be canonized by Kevin Feige that are Agents of Shield and Netflix TV shows.

·     Deathlok TV Series

HYDRA agents killed long ago are brought back to life. Andrea Von Struker the daughter of Wolfgang the Baron is the main villain. Edgar Lascome is a villain Deathlok kills on the series. She is in the end killed by Deathlock. He kills HYDRA agents. This should be ABC or Freeform

(Other Fans could write in ideas)

Eric Josten could be the main villain of the Moondragon series with Arcade as a side villain. There should be other enemies of Moon Dragon on the TV series. You fans could put ideas in. Eric Josten is known as Power Man. A Moondragon TV series could be in the later 2020’s. Other fans could write in the ideas for the Moondragon TV series. Moon Dragon takes down Murderworld at the defeat of Arcade.

Other fans could write in the Power Pack TV show like if there is another season In Power Pack King Cobra is the leader of the Serpent Squad while a woman becomes Cottonmouth with Puff Adder, a woman now known as Diamond Back with Black Mamba and Constrictor as maybe Constrictor.

In Power Pack King Cobra is the leader of the Serpent Squad while with Puff Adder, a woman now known as Anaconda with Black Mamba and Constrictor as maybe Constrictor or Black Mamba joined the Serpent Society You fans could write the ideas in. There could be an episode when Franklin Richards defeats Anaconda.

You fans could write the ideas in. Different villains on Power Pack Season 2 like Power Pack villains but Franklin Richards possibly on both Power Pack seasons.

Other fans could put in ideas for the Loki television series or Scarlet Witch television series. More fans could put in more ideas for the television shows of Marvel Comics in the MCU like most on Disney streaming or ABC or Freeform or Netflix. Maybe Nick Fury to premiere in 2020 with Scarlet Witch and Loki. 2022 maybe the Moon Knight, She-Hulk and Ghost Rider shows. Then in the 2020’s in the years of the Defenders movie and Heroes for Hire movie the shows on Season 2.  

There are other fans with the ideas for Ghost Rider and Moon Knight TV series. The not kid friendly ones could be on Amazon Prime Video.

Maybe in the early There should be Cassie Lang/Stinger TV series Maybe villains could be Fear Lords like Lurking Unknown, Knox, Straw Man or KKallakku. Cassie Lang as the Stinger takes on Lurking Unknown and K'Kallakku. Captain America Sam Wilson could make appearances on the Young Avengers miniseries. Young Avengers team on the series with Stinger/Cassie Lang joining the team on an episode when Captain America defeats the Wizard and America Chavez defeats the Controller on that episode as they should be a one-episode appearance. That should be on the Young Avengers TV show that The Wizard kills Mockingbird after she defeated Aquarius and before Captain America defeats the Wizard and the Controller on the Young Avengers show.

Captain America should appear again in the finale. America Chavez, Miss Marvel, Hawkeye and Stinger Cassie Lang join with other heroes. Also Bobbi Morse with that same actress from Agents of Shield is reprising her role is there in costume going by Mockingbird. There should be Mockingbird before killed by the Wizard takes on the villain known as Aquarius.  She does get killed in battle by the Wizard. On the Young Avengers Hydra could return with members of the team Commander Kraken, Bob, Space Phantom, Arnold Brown and Laura Brown as the Young Avengers face them and Miss Marvel defeats the Laura Brown. Others on the roll call are Harley Keener/Iron Lad, Speed, Hulking, Patriot and Wiccan. They each go their own ways after the series ends but Miss Marvel joins the Avengers team lead by Captain America.  Also many Hydra agents are brought back to life. Iron Lad Harley Keener takes on the Controller just as Captain America takes on the Wizard. Andreas Von Strucker is leader of Hydra. Kate Bishop as Hawkeye takes him on.

This is a different fan who put in the ideas of Moon Knight and Ghost Rider television show. Other fans could put in ideas for a Man-Thing TV series in the 2020’s later that decade. Man-Thing should be a 2028 show taking place in 2021. It begins with Dr. Theodore Sallis becoming Man-Thing. There are Fear Lords as the villains.  There could be Fear Lords Nox and Straw Man as the main villains of the Man-Thing solo miniseries as he defeats them in the end. There should be Nightmare on Man-Thing returns and haunts dreams and comics into reality. He’s taken on by Man-Thing. Papa Legba and Samedi should be villains on Man-Thing. Man-Thing ends up killing them.

There could be in the beginning of Vienna she fights The Owl and his thugs that are escaped convicts just as the Owl had gotten out of prison and the Owl is Lee Owsley. This should be the Masters of Kung Fu TV series. She defeats them. Vienna is in origin when she fights the Owl but also the other members are on the team and there are other Masters of Kung Fu villains on the show that they face. Iron Fist could make a TV comeback on Masters of Kung-Fu TV series. Maybe a guest character of the show. Master Izo and Vienna could be the lead characters. Other villains on Masters of Kung FU TV series are Emperor Zhung Zu as the main villain. Iron Fist could appear on the season finale talking of taking down the Kinpgin and his gang with the help of Luke Cage and Hellcat.  Others are Quan-St’ar and Shai-Than. Other heroes could be Black Jack Tarr, Clive Reston, Leiko Wu and Rufus T. Hackstabber. Other guest heroes or villains on Masters of Kung Fu should be Shen Kuai/The Cat, Rufus Carter also known as the Midnight, Shadow Slasher, Kogar and guest appearance by Iron Fist played by the same actor who portrayed him. Phillipe Bazin could be one of the main villains of the Darkhawk TV series. Andrea Haggard going by Lodestone is another villain for Darkhawk to face. His father of the NY PD is arrested for bribery during the show. There should be an episode with Kyle Richmond as a villain that Darkhawk faces. Darkhawk defeats Nighthawk. Nighthawk later on is in redemption. Darkhawk should take place in 2019 earlier on.

What should be comic books as issues per episode are Daredevil Season 4, Iron Fist Season 3, Luke Cage Season 3 and The Punisher Season 3. That all take place in 2020 while the Heroes for Hire comics takes place in 2021.

Those cancelled TV shows should become a comic book series like Heroes for Hire miniseries to follow Season 4 of Daredevil, Season 3 of the Punisher, Season 3 of Luke Cage and Season 3 of Iron Fist. Those are all what should be limited comic book series. Someone else has ideas for the Punisher Season 3 and Luke Cage Season 3. Maybe in the Punisher 3rd season he defeats the Enforcers without killing them.

Moon Knight, She Hulk and Miss Marvel are to become TV shows. Inhumans could be continued in Star Wars crossover comics.  As Disney owns Marvel and Lucasfilm there should be crossovers of Star Wars and Marvel superheroes. The founder of his wiki put ideas in for the Moon Knight TV series. This is the Inhumans villains work for Dr. Doom along with Fantastic Four villains in the crossover comics of MCU and Star Wars.  Tyrannus should be a villain on the World War Hulk series.

·        Agents of Atlas (Xialing show)

There should be earlier episodes like the first when Gorilla Man, 3-D man, Human Robot and Luna Snow are defeated by the Enforcers. They are of Eel, Blitz a woman and Tangle another woman. This is the return of the 10 Rings. This is when Xialing joins the Agents of Atlas as they are formed.

Richard Fisk also known as the Rose in the main villain of this flick. Great Wall and Grisly work for The Rose. Jimmy Woo is forming the team Agents of Atlas just as Shang Chi defeated the real Mandarin. Namora is part of the team. Whitie, Shredder and Sid are also villains of this film. Namora in the beginning defeats Yellow Claw. Jimmy Woo meets up with Xialing and Namora. Marvel Boy and Sword Master are on the team. Namora, Jimmy Woo and Shang Chi all together take on Shredder, Sid and Whitie. Marvel Boy and Sword Master take on Grisly and Great Wall. All those villains are defeated. There is to be the first battle of Xialing, Jimmy Woo and Namora fighting the Enforcers Eel, Blitz and Tangle. They defeat them after they get recruited by Jimmy Woo. In the final battle there is Xialing vs. the Rose. Shang Chi defeats Richard Fisk/The Rose. He’s in the end arrested.

Xialing and on earlier episodes Shang-Chi and his sister fight the Enforcers after they defeated Gorilla Man, 3-D Man, Human Robot and Luna. Xialing joins the Agents of Atlas.

A TV show for 2030 on Disney Plus should be Tigra as she’s a lady liberator or Fearless Defenders. Thundra, Valkarye and Black Widow Yelena Belova join with Tigra. The Neo Soviets are the villains. On the team Andrea Rostov is known as Red Barbarian leading the team. Also on the team are Ursa Major, Vanguard, Darkstar and Ivan Krushki. More fans could write in more ideas with this. There are Russian soldiers who are in league with Red Barbarian. The team takes them on.

Other fans could put in ideas for the Sentry TV series like Mentallo being a villain defeated by Sentry and Cosmo the Space Dog could appear on the show.

There are ideas to start off with for the X-Factor TV series. There should be Strong Guy, Polaris and Layla Miller with notable new Mutants and X-Factor members from the comics. Other fans could write in more ideas.

James Madrox as Multiple Man is a villain in the series. He’s defeated by Strong Guy. Villains should be Charon, Carnivore, Caliban and Cassandra Nova after Multiple Man is defeated. There could be earlier episodes with Callisto as the main villain leading the Morlocks. Also there are Angel Dust, Masque, Annalee, Plague, Tommy, Erg Tarbaby, Ape, Scaleface and Glow Worm in cameos. All hose villains get defeated. Polaris in the finale defeats Cassandra Nova. Callisto is redeemed. So is Multiple Man that leads into his own movie.  Others fans or the writers themselves could write in more ideas. X-Factor could air on F/X or Disney Plus and lead into X-Men 2099 films but take place in modern times.

·        Wolverine vs. Hulk Miniseries for Disney Plus

They together defeat Ajax and the Omega Gang while in the Hulk prelude comics as It’s Wolverine teaming with Strong Guy and Polaris. The Hulk fights Tyrannus. The Hulk slams Tyrannus in the beginning of the series in maybe flashbacks in the origin before the Incredible Hulk movie. There should be in prelude comics There should also be in the prelude comics prior to General Ross killing Madame B a Russian agent as she was in the United States. There should be talked of Strong Guy and Polaris defeated the Omega Gang.

\A person had the idea of the villains being Onslaught who should come on Tv shows, The Leader Samuel Sterns is the main villain. The New Avengers roll call should be Captain Marvel, Bruce Banner now as the Grey Hulk, Black Ant and Wonder Man. Hulk and Captain Marvel are looking to form a new Avengers team and they meet Wonder Man and Black Ant. The X-Men should be Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, John Proudstar going by Thunderbird and Beast. Black Ant makes his debut and offered to join the new Avengers team Hulk takes on The Leader while Wolverine takes on Holocaust. There are talks that Madame B was killed by General Ross just before the Thunderbolts team being formed when she was visiting the USA. Also talks Mandrill killed General Ross.

There should be the battle of Wolverine vs. the Hulk as Wolverine is in charge of the X-Men with Storm and Cyclops while the Hulk is looking to start the new the avengers with Captain Marvel and Black Ant.

In the Wolverine vs. Hulk miniseries there should be Jean Grey in redemption as Phoenix defeating Lady Deathstrike. She could be one of the villains for that film. Madeline Pryor, Nekra and Mandrill are others villains for the X-Men vs. Avengers film in cameos. The Hulk defeats The Leader while Wolverine defeats Holocaust with the help of his X-Men team. This is after Thunderbird defeats Madelyn Prior while Nekra and Mandrill are defeated by Captain Marvel offering Black Ant and Wonder Man help Hulk defeat the The Leader in his mech to join the new Avengers team. There should be talks of Strong Guy and Polaris defeating the Omega Gang after those villains are defeated as those other villains the Avengers and X-Men face should have cameos in this film. Thunderbird goes his own ways. There should be talks of Alpha Flight or maybe then introduced in the Wolverine vs. Hulk series. Maybe even introduction of that team. There are talks they defeated Master of the World with Tundra and other monsters as the origin of the team should be in prelude comics to the first Alpha Flight movie with defeating those villains. This should lead into the Alpha Flight movies and Weapon X miniseries that’s either before or after it.

  • Weapon X TV series

What should be the MCU solo Wolverine Weapon X TV series.  to when they face Mojo and Spiral together with minions of Mojo. Wolverine is the lead hero. There should still be the Generation X movie. Long Shot teams with Wolverine. This should be X-Men prequel. There should be a shot of the accident that paralyzes Charles Xavier. Wolverine meets with him and this is the forming of the X-men. There could be the beginning with Logan discovering he’s a mutant and years later facing Spiral and then in the Mojoverse meeting with Longshot.

Spiral is who paralyzes Professor X with the sword after knocking down Wolverine. That’s when Logan starts going by Wolverine. It’s Wolverine in recovery defeats Spiral and sends Professor X to the hospital just before going to Mojo’s world teaming with Longshot. There is also Deadpool to appear on the show with Wolverine teaming with him. It’s to be prequel to the Uncanny X-Men movie. Other heroes and villains are to appear from Weapon X. There could be other notable Weapon X villains in the series. Wolverine is the main character of the series and teaming with Deadpool. Maverick and Silver Fox could appear on the Weapon X tv series that serves mainly as Wolverine backstory. There should be an episode with Deadpool as a villain who fights Wolverine. There should be Mastermind as a villain Deadpool in redemption kills Mastermind by shooting him down.


·        Spirits of Vengeance (ABC miniseries or Disney Plus older viewers show)

There should be the Spirits of Vengeance Miniseries in between the Midnight Sons movies. This should consist of 8 to 10 episodes. Nightmare could be a villain. On the team are Johnny Blaze, Daimon Hellstrom, Dan Ketch as a newcomer, Naomi Kale and Michael Badilino. There should be an episode guest starring Dr. Strange Naomi Kale teams with him against Nightmare and he defeats him.

Carter Slade if the Phantom Rider in that time. The main villain should be Lilith the Queen of demons. Nightmare is defeated by Naomi Kale and she could have better sleep. Zadkiel is a villain along with Deathwatch. They also face Blackhost and Centurious in possession of Madcap. Robbie Reyes faces Madcap. The heroes take on villains and army of demons brought on by Lilith. In the finale Dan Ketch defeats Lilith. Daimon Hellstrom defeats Centurious.

·        Agent Venom TV Series

This should be 2025 released taking place in 2026. There should be the Sinister Seven in the finale with Agent Venom Flash Thompson having team with him The MCU Sandman and Aaron Davis/The Prowler as 2 redeemed villains.  Flash Thompson joins the military. The villain of the first episode is Dr. Curt Conners as the Lizard. This should consist of 6 to 8 episodes. He defeats him. Ned becomes a sorcerer while Jason Maceldine becomes Hobgoblin. The Chief villain for the Agent Venom miniseries should be Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman forming a sinister syndicate. Those super villains whether or not debut in the MCU work for The Gentleman. There are talks that Spider-Man defeated the Sinister Six with the help of some other heroes like Daredevil who’s alter ego represented Peter Parker and caught the brick thrown in the window.

The symbiote comes into the MCU and onto Flash Thompson. This is when Dr. Connors was transformed into the Lizard. Joystick and Speed Demon are in league with Doc Ock. The Lizard in redemption takes on Joystick while Sandman another villain redeemed takes on Speed Demon. Those villains are defeated. Agent Venom on Agent Venom defeats Doc Ock. That Doc Ock is Carolyn Trainer a woman. Jason Maceldine becomes Hobgoblin.

Tarantula is working for The Gentleman. After the defeat of other super villains, The Gentlemen forms a new Sinister Seven just as Randy Vale was redeemed by the time Martin Li/Mr. Negative lead inner demons. The Beetle Abner Jenkins along with Jason Maceldine as Hobgoblin. Tarantula, The Jackal, the female Electro Francine Frye and Hydro Man Morris Bench.

There should be some villain origins in cameos. The Lizard teams with Flash Thompson known as Agent Venom. There should be the debut of Angelica Jones. He defeats them. They join forces to take down the Sinister Seven. Firestar could take on Electro while Ned Leeds as a sorcerer supreme takes on The Beetle. Joystick redeemed takes on Tarantula while The Lizard takes on Hydro Man. The Prowler Aaron Davis takes on the Jackal.

The Lizard defeats Hydro Man while Joystick defeats Tarantula. Flash Thompson is going by Agent Venom in black clothes. Agent Venom later on defeats Hobgoblin. There’s The Sandman cameo to when he defeats Random thugs as one of them threw the brick into the window of the Parker apartment during the Matt Murdock scene as those thugs are taken down by also Agent Venom. Ned Leeds defeats the Beetle. Agent Venom defeats Electro while the Lizard takes on Hobgoblin.

There’s Flint Marko in redemption talks of being the assistant to Talos after the death of Dimitri Smerdyakov. He was half-brother of Kraven the Hunter but are not aligned. Sergei Karvenoff was abusive to Dmitri Smerdvakov before becoming Kraven the Hunter. There’s the Prowler with knockout gas defeats The Jackal. This could lead into the Dark Avengers movie and Secret Wars movie. Maybe there could be comics of Agent Venom vs. Kraven the Hunter in the Secret Wars movie prelude. From the battle Hobgoblin kills Ned Leeds trying to take him down in redemption as Hydro Man washes away Agent Venom. Hydro-Man is defeated. Agent Venom takes on Karl Fiers the Gentleman’s brother and killer of Peter Parker’s parents with NY PD organized crime strike force taking down Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman putting him in prison with the super villains in league with him. Flash Thompson as Agent Venom brings Karl Fiers with saving Randy Vale as of the attempt to kill him and talks of Randy Vale’s redemption. Both Ned Leeds and Flash Thompson are the lead character of this show.


  • Howard the Duck Solo Miniseries

If Grandmaster is surviving upcoming movies he should be a villain in this show who Howard the Duck defeats. Also there should be Beverly in the movie who he falls in love with as it’s Howard coming onto Earth. There should be Overlord as one of the villains he faces in the movie. More fans could write in more ideas. This should be either ABC or Disney Plus.

·        Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch

Galactus should be the main villain of the show. Adam Warlock should be the lead character. There are other fans that could come up with ideas for other villains. Adam Warlock in the end defeats Galactus. The roll call should be Pip the Troll and Moon Dragon. They report to Adam Warlock. Maxam is a member of Infinity Watch in the MCU. Moon Dragon takes on Griffin during this as this could be season 2 of Moon Dragon. Magitron taken on by Moon Dragon while Adam Warlock takes on Psycho Man. Magitron and Psycho Man defeat the Shi’Air Empire with Magtriton defeating Gladiator with the defeat of Corsair Christopher Summers and Princess Lilandra and others notable teaming with them. Emperor Dorrek should be a villain in the series that the team goes up against. Adam Warlock in the finale defeats Emperor Dorrek. Magitron should be played by Jude Law again. There should be other Galactus Heralds as the villains that are enemies of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Fantastic Four and even Adam Warlock. Other fans could put in more ideas like on villains the Infinity Watch goes up against.

The First Season of Lady Liberators there’s on the team Tigra, Hellcat, Thundra and Valkyrie. There’s the Winter Guard as the villains. On the team of Neo Soviets Vangard, Darkstar, Crimson Dynamo and Ursa Major. The Lady Liberators defeat the Neo Soviets. There should in the beginning be Tigra fighting Red Ghost. She defeats him in the show during the origins with his minions defeated by the others on the team.

Following that in the 2030’s there should be a couple of seasons of the Quasar and the Winter Guard TV show. Tania Belinsky as Lightstar teaming with the heroes. There should be various Winterguard villains from the comics. One of the seasons should be Redmont 6 as the villains. There should be flashbacks on the origin of Quasar on earlier episodes of the show. Dire Wraiths, Presence and Fantasma with Deathwings should be villains of the Winter guard series.   There should be an episode when Tania as Lightstar is killed by one of the villains in battle.

More ideas could be written in by other fans.

Other fans could write in ideas for Marvel shows if they do well in a second season in the years until the 2035 with the 2099 movies like Masters of Kung Fu, Moon Dragon, Deathlok, Man-Thing, Lady Liberators and Red Wolf and Power Pack. Someone else put in ideas for Red Wolf, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight for Netflix before the proposal of Disney Plus. Limited series shows should to tie into movies like Secret Wars and Heroes for Hire movie  are Nick Fury, Sentry, X-Factor, Spirits of Vengeance Professor Hulkl/World War Hulk.

Even tie in shows like a miniseries is Adam Warlock, Darkhawk as that should be later in the the 2020’s taking place in 2021, Black Suited Spider-Man, Gambit, Weapon X (Wolverine back story), Loki, Secret Invasion, She-Hulk (female Avengers show should be a She-Hulk season 2), Hawkeye, Young Avengers, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Damon Hellstrom, Miss Marvel, Professor Hulk/World War Hulk and Hawkeye. The second seasons of Deathlok, Masters of Kung-Fu, Red Wolf, Lady Liberators, Moon Dragon, Power Pack and Man-Thing should be from 2029 to 2035.

Other fans could put the ideas in for the TV show. It should be start over for Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and Red Wolf. Other villains defeated in movies and TV shows that survived could come back like getting out of prison (such as prison escape) on those shows. Shang-Chi should be on Masters of Kung-Fu season 2 if they ever get to do it. Those could be villains if not redeemed there were defeated in Avengers movies or TV shows or even in the Secret Wars movie or Heroes for Hire movie.

There should be in the 2030’s a Squadron Supreme TV series with Hyperion, The Whizzer, Power Princess and Doctor Spectrum. Also on the first season could be Amphibian and Skrullian Skymaster . There should be Hyperion in Season 2 with the new team and they consist of Arcanna, Blue Eagle, Golden Archer, Lady Lark and Tom Thumb. Villains on the season should be Defenders of the Deep on the first season. The second season should be for villains defeated villains gotten out of prison like Stegron, Trapster and the Hood with his gang. Hyperion in the season 2 finale fights Trapster and he defeats him. Paste Pot Pete should be a villain of Season 2.

There are others fans that could write in West Coast Avengers TV show ideas. Do anymore of you have any ideas? If A World War Hulk or Professor Hulk movie as a proposed sequel there should be Karl Mordo as the baron being the main villain. Other Hulk villains to appear on this miniseries. The Hulk could take on Machete and Bushwhacker as other villains. Dolph Lundgren could guest start as Bushwacker on the Hulk TV series. If it’s not Bruce Banner anymore than Amadeus Cho on those Hulk shows for Disney Plus. It could turn out Bruce Banner is Hulk still other wise Bruce Banner is professor on post Secret Wars BattleWorld. Amedus Cho could otherwise by a Bruce Banner student. Betty Ross-Banner is Red She-Hulk and takes on Lobo and Oddball.

 Do any of you have ideas for West Coast Avengers TV show idea? You could write them down and post here.

The Darkhawk TV series should take place before 2020 and returns years later. Other fans could come up with ideas for villains of Season 2 of Darkhawk. Alexander Bont should be the main villain Darkhawk faces in season 2. There should be Contessa Valentina De Allegra Fontaine on the first season of Thunderbolts and the 2nd season talked of being killed by the Masters of Evil on the Astonishing Thunderbolts series. Other fans could put in ideas for Supreme Squadron TV show and the Darkhawk should appear on them with Hyperion.

Maybe in 2029 season 2 of Deathlok and Masters of Kung-Fu season 2. 2030 could be the year of Power Pack Season 2 and maybe Sentry Season 2. 2031 Season 2 of Red Wolf In 2032 season 2 of Lady Liberators and Season 2 of Agents of Sword.  Others could write in ideas for Sentry Season 2. Maybe for X-Factor Season 2 in 2033. Those shows could have more seasons. He takes on Savage Steel and Libra. Vertigo should be a villain in Season 2 of X-Factor series. Darkhawk also could defeat on the TV series of him Phillipe Bazin. Onslaught should be a villain in Season 2 of the X-Factor series with Polaris up against Onslaught. Others villains for X-Factor season 2 should be Lady Mastermind, Mauvai and Impossible Man as Lady Mastermind should be the chief villain of the second season. Onslaught kills Warlock and alien mutant in the series before Polaris goes up against that villain.

Fin Fang Foom should be another villain on Masters of Kung Fu season 2 that the heroes face. Lady Vienna takes on Lady Bullseye. Lee Owsley the Owl escapes from prison with also the Enforcers Fancy Dan, Ox, Montana, Eel, Hammer Harrison, Snake Marston and Big Man. Iron Fist and Shang Chi with Black Jack Tarr, Clive Reston, Leiko Wu and Rufus T. Hackstabber. There are other thugs out there that they face. In the end there should be Shang Chi vs. the Owl. Shang Chi defeats the Owl in the finale while Iron Fist defeats Fin Fang Foom as there could be random escaped prisoners that they face. There could be hand ninjas appear on seasons 2 of Masters of Kung-Fu and Lady Liberators with being brought back to life. It should be in the beginning of Masters of Kung-Fu Season 2 . There should be Colleen Wing vs. The Russian and Misty Knight vs. Barracuda on the Masters of Kung-Fu other wise Darkhawk series as those villains work for the main villain of any of the seasons like on Masters of Kung-Fu with Iron Fist in it. The Daughters of the Dragon kill those 2 Punisher villains. They work for the Owl. Other wise they work for the main villain of the first season of Masters of Kung-Fu. Colleen Wing has a blade fight with the Russian while Misty Knight is in a gun fight with Barracuda.

Maybe Season 2 of Agents of Sword have Elsbeth Von Strucker and HYRDA agents back to life. Nick Fury retires by then. There are new SWORD agents in that season. That should be the Monica Rambeau series. Sword roll call are Abigail Brand, Cecilia, Agent Paulletz, Agents Marshall and Benjamin on both seasons 1 and 2. Man-Thing defeated Fear Lords the other fans other wise writers could come up with ideas for the villains of seasons 2 of Man-Thing and Red Wolf. If Power Pack gets a second season than Force Four are villains along with Basilisk, Snake Eyes, Trash and Johnny Rival. There could be on seasons 2 of other shows notable villains of Masters of Kung Fu, Moon Dragon, Deathlok, Man-Thing & Lady Liberators. Maybe on season 2 of Lady Liberators is the Circus of Crime and with Death Stalker and his team. Ringmaster is the main villain. Others on the Circus of Crime are Live Wire,  Impasse, Princes Pyhton, Bruto the Strongman, Human Cannonball, Rajah, Teena the Fat Lady, Fire Eater, The Clown and the Great Gambonnos.

Hammer could be the villains for Season 2 of Deathlok. Superia could be the main villain of Deathlok Season 2. She’s killed by Deathlok in the season finale. He kills various HAMMER agents that don’t stay dead. Abigail Brand on season 2 of Agents of Sword kills Monica Rappaccini. Other villains could be Choi, Agent Delpy, Bullock and Brown. Overmaster and Congress of Rallies should be the villains of Man-Thing Season 2. Someone else put in ideas for Man-Wolf TV series. That should be 6 to 7 episodes a season. MoonDragon has a solo series to take place before Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Master Roshi after his escape from prison is killed by Abigail Brand on season 2 of Agents of Sword he brought back to much Hand ninjas.

Villains on the Weapon X Tv and Gambit/Rogue series could also be Lt. Ethan Warren, Master Jip, Nitro, Crusader, Damage, Mister X, Moonstone and Bloodlust.

There should be 2 to 3 seasons of Champions with teenage superheroes. They are founded by Viv Vision and Amadeus Cho now known as Brawn to follow the Contest of Champions movie. Those teen heroes are mentored by Kamala Khan going by Miss Marvel as she should appear on the show.

The team roll call on various episodes should be Amka Aliyak known as Snowguard, Rayshuan Lucas going by Patriot, Fernanda Rodriguez going by Locust, Qureshi Gupta going by Pin Point, and Sooraya Qadir going by Dust. There are also the Reserve members. They are Abigail Boylen going by Cloud 9, Gabrielle Kinney going by Honey Badger, David Alleyene going by Prodigy and Kareen going by Red Dagger.

There should be Avengers villains and X-Men villains with Fantastic Four villains to be the villains on the show like villains who were defeated before and others making MCU debut that the team takes on. They could be villains defeated in movies and TV shows that manage to escape from prison. Lady Fair, Blizzard, Dreadknight and Cyclone Gregory Stevens could be villains in the series that the new Warriors face.

Crimson Dynamo on the Lady Liberators TV show should be Boris Turgenov.

On the Cable TV series that should be him going into the past he takes on Deathbird and D’Ken after they killed Corsair and overthrown Princess Lilandra. Cable takes on those villains. He defeats them. Also if no room in X-Men movies there should be flashback of Magento escaping slavery by the confederate army of the south during the American Civil War. Magneto could make an appearance of the Cable series like guest star.  He defeated Gladiator. Cable becomes allies to the Shi’Air empire after defeating certain villains while there should be Kree villains on the Champions TV shows on the 2nd or 3rd season. Cable has enemies from the future also he faces. There are other villains who in the Shi’air Empire for Cable to take on with the help of Gladiator and Princess Lilandra. There could be Mr. Sinister Cable takes on in the series as he turns out not to have died in all those years as he could be a villain in the series. It’s Cable defeat Mister Sinister in the finale. Nathaniel Essex before coming Mr. Sinister was the slave master to Magneto. Gladiator takes on Chrome and he defeats him. There are talks that Kang the Conqueror during the Secret Wars was killed by Deadpool.

The ideas are given in more for Heroes for Hire. Most of those Chaste warriors never had a driver's license and never a learner's permit. Never even owned cars. Stick never can drive. Stick with Daredevil Matt Murdock in the MCU should have no driving experiences in their lives. There are talks of the Hand winning the war against the Chaste before the original Defenders team defeated them.  There are talks of the Hand winning the war against the Chaste before the original Defenders team defeated the Hand. There should be talks that Stick was killed by the Hand after his warriors were killed before the Defenders defeated the Hand. There are talks of Master Izo with immortality mentored Stick a slower aging mortal and was believed to be killed in this very long war of the chaste vs. the hand.

More MCU Ideas other fans could put in like Agatha Harkness is gone for good when killed by the Ghost Rider on the Spirits of Vengeance miniseries.

Also, there could be ideas for a Gargoyle miniseries but also Dakota North in movies or TV shows to us to put in. That’s for in the 2030’s.


Now come years for MCU TV shows coming up.

If no Miss Marvel series in 2021 then in 2022. 4 to 5 MCU shows a year whether ABC television or Disney Plus.


Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Secret Invasion and I am Groot


Ironheart, Armor Wars, Black Panther/Wakanda TV series. as Disney Plus shows. Echo series 4th season as well. Loki Season 2


Should be Spider-Man Freshman Year that year that should be the beginning of the year to the first show of that year. Agatha Harkness TV series too that year. Marvel Zombies show.  New Daredevil series that year too that should be the last show of that year to the end of that year.


There could that year be the Wolverine vs. Hulk TV series and Nick Fury and the Agents of SWORD with Darkhawk that year. MCU Spider-Man/Agent Venom TV series that year for the MCU to premiere after Venom: Maximum Carnage. Silke TV series that year too for Sony.


Stinger series The series of the woman in Shang-Chi series that year. Darkhawk and Rogue/Gambit series that year. Sentry TV series. There could be that year a TV series of Silver and Black for Sony.


Deathlok TV series. Maybe even Young Avengers TV series. Weapon X TV series that year. Wonder Man TV series. Also Nova TV series that year that should follow the movie.


Maybe West Coast Avengers TV series that year too and Ghost Rider series that year also replacing the cancelled show and prequel to Midnight Sons movies. Agents of SWORD Season 2/Monica Rambeau series. US Agent that year too.


Power Pack TV series.

Deathlok TV series Season 2.

Darkhawk Season 2

Masters of Kung-Fu TV series


Howard the Duck solo series.

World War Hulk/Professor Hulk TV series and X-Factor TV series.

Power Pack Season 2 TV series.

For Sony Marvel Universe Clone Saga TV series that should be Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly in the lead role.


Lady Liberator TV series.

ABC Spirits of Vengeance miniseries.

Miniseries of Moon Dragon.

Masters of Kung-Fu Season 2


Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch TV series.

Lady Liberators TV series Season 2.

First Season of Man-Thing

Maybe third season of Thunderbolts.


Also Winter Guard TV series that year.

Supreme Squadron TV series debut. Maybe X-Factor Season 2 TV series that year.

Second Season of Man-Thing


Mort the Dead Teenager series.

A TV show starring Werewolf by Night and Topaz.

Elsa Bloodstone miniseries that’s both prequel and sequel to Midnight Sons movie.

First Season of Red Wolf TV series


Marvel Champions TV show Season 1.

Winter Guard Season 2 that year also.

Supreme Squadron TV series Season 2.

2nd Season of Red Wolf that Year.


Gargoyle Solo series that's prequel that year.

Solo Hercules series that year maybe of the MCU.

Marvel Champions Season 2

Cable TV miniseries


Marvel Champions Season 3 that year.

The Invaders/Stars and Stripes as Isaiah Bradley back story TV series.

Cable Miniseries


Hercules Season 2 of the first season is successful.

Maybe on that year Season 2 of Stars and Stripes.

Mort the Dead Teenager Season 2

There should be on the Marvel superhero shows 1 to 2 episodes per week as most of them to be Disney Plus. Either debut on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or even Fridays. Most of them should be Disney Plus or on Freeform television. Agents of Sword could go on ABC television as could Masters of Kung Fu or Red Wolf.