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This is the individual page. There were ideas for Heroes for Hire as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist had more seasons after the Defenders. Also there were 2 seasons of the Punisher on Netflix. There should after some more seasons of those shows to end the Netflix saga a Heroes for Hire miniseries. That should be adapted into comics like web comics or individual comics per episode by Marvel Comics.

The Season 4 of Daredevil is when Matt Murdock dons the yellow and red costume of Daredevil. This season should consist of 10 episodes/issues. Eric Slaughter could be the villain for Daredevil Season 4 and Bullseye works for him and ending in season Eric Slaughter is arrested by Brett Mahoney as Bullseye is arrested by the good cops. Daredevil should also take on Eric Slaughter's gang. Maybe with DD rebooted by the MCU there should be the Heroes for Hire put into comic books. There should be an episode with Melissa Gold as Screaming Mimi. Daredevil faces that female villain. Daredevil defeats Screaming Mimi. He should have an episode fighting Wilbur Day the Stilt Man. Also, should debut Bushwhacker and he loses his human parts as he fights Gladiator Melvin Potter out of prison. There should be in Iron Fist Season 3 Iron Fist battles Steel Serpent and he defeats him talked of by Daredevil.  Maybe before Bullseye and Eric Slaughter rise there should be a DD season 3 episode when Willie Lincoln is a new cop appearing. What should be made into comics are Season 3 of Iron Fist, Season 3 of Luke Cage and Season 4 of Daredevil along with the Punisher Season 3 if not made is put into comics. Willie Lincoln is with Brett Mahoney on the Eric Slaughter arrest. There should be in the finale of DD season 4 after the arrest of Eric Slaughter and Bullseye that the Kingpin had escaped. Daredevil is told by Melvin Potter that Luke Cage and Iron First have started Heroes for Hire agency. Daredevil puts thoughts into hiring Luke Cage and Iron Fist. There are talks of other heroes to join the Defenders team if DD puts re actives that team.

This could also be the Defenders Season 2. All in one Season 3 of Iron Fist, Season 3 of Luke Cage and Season 4 of Daredevil the most. Also the Punisher Season 4. Hellcat, Daughters of the Dragon, Christopher Powell and White Tiger join with those heroes. This is when the Avengers are no more after killing Thanos.

§  Heroes for Hire Miniseries   (cancelled and maybe not proposed TV show that should be put into comic book 8 issues.) This should take place in 2021 other wise later 2023 after the big battle and the blip.

(cancelled and maybe not proposed TV show that should be put into comic book 8 issues.) This should take place in 2021 if all those characters are survivors of Thanos genocide. Other wise this takes place in the end of the summer of 2023 while The Punisher Season 3 and Daredevil Season 4 are set right after the battle and post blip/resurrection. Maybe earlier 2018 are the seasons 3 of Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

This could also be the Defenders Season 2. Hellcat, Daughters of the Dragon, Christian Issacs and White Tiger join with those heroes. This is when the Avengers are no more after killing Thanos.

Tyler got away as the police have shown up and left the hand but went with The Ninja working for the Owl as there are other hand survivors recruited by the Owl. The Enforcers roll call is Snake Marston, Hammer Harrison, Ox, Big Man and Fancy Dan. Tony Masters is going by Taskmaster and in league with the Kingpin.

Daredevil, Trish Walker the Hellcat, Luke Cage and Iron Fist recruit Ava Aayla known as White Tiger and Christian Issacs going by Gargoyle on the Defenders/Heroes for Hire team. Christian Isaacs tells he became Gargoyle in early 2020 and he defeated the Six Fingered Hand. The Kingpin is now back in business and rivaled to Lee Owlsey the Owl who wants to kill him for killing his father as he figured it. The Kinpgin has the Enforcers and Paladin working for him.  The First Episode could be called the Enforcers to when Hellcat with Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist take them on and Luke Cage defeats Paladin. Iron Fist gets his trademark mask and his clothes green and yellow. The Kingpin is the main villain of that season. Stick could appear from the afterlife to those who were fighting against the Hand. The new recruits on the Defenders take on the Enforcers while Daredevil takes on Paladin on an episode. They defeat those villains. White Tiger and Gargoyle for some time joins the Defenders team lead by Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. White Tiger Ava Aayla and Gargoyle with Luke Cage and Hellcat on an episode take on the Enforcers and they defeat them on the episode called "The Enforcers” while there is an episode called “Gang War parts 1 and 2”. Those could be episodes 4 and 5 of the series. Patricia Walker is a client of Murdock and Nelson at the time. She ends up free and joining the team in redemption as Matt Murdock got Trish Walker out of prison.

Maybe in episodes 2 and 3 the Punisher joins the team and whacks out Rosalie Carbone and other mob bosses that are are Latimer Zyl, John Hammer, Sophia Carter and others Anibal Izqueda whacked out the Punisher along with other bosses from Daredevil Season 3.  in the 3rd season of Daredevil while DD, Iron Fist and Luke Cage fight the mob guys. Daredevil with hiring Luke Cage and Iron Fist take on Rosalie Carbone’s gang but with the Jewish mob and Puerto Rican mob guys.

It’s in the Hand 2 part at the end Gargoyle fights Lee Owsley/The Owl. Gargoyle defeats the Owl. The Owl is arrested as he put back the Hand gathering survivors of the Hand to plot a hit on Wilson Fisk noticing he killed his father, Leland. There could be flashbacks when Specialist and his ninjas killed Flame, Wing, Trahn (a woman) and Arrow. They grew up in NYC as did Stick, Shaft and Claw. Master Izo went by Chaste who was the first warrior against the Hand who was believed to be dead all those years as classic ninjas of the chaste are killed. Claw was a pupil of Stick who left the chaste in 2010. Claw is into playing pool while Master Izo is into gambling.  A villain going by the Ninja Is in league with the Owl.

There could be showing when Master Izo gave up his eyes in founding the chaste. It's Master Izo that trained Stick to fight. Master Izo hires the original Defenders team along with Gargoyle, White Tiger and Hellcat. There could be an episode called Return of the Hand. Master Izo was long ago born and raised in China and went globe-trotting. Master Izo was thought to be dead all those years after shot off of a cliff by a hand ninja Tyler. Those mob bosses from an episode of Daredevil Season 3 have been killed by The Punisher with sub machine guns just as Claw has met up with Master Izo discovering him still alive. The Punisher meets up Master Izo the mentor of Stick. Daredevil with Luke Cage and Iron Fist taking on various gangsters who worked for those mob bosses and they defeat them.

It's the episode guest starring Daredevil before the apartment battle when Brian and Mary are defeated by Daredevil and Iron Fist. Those are the Chaste and hand survivors at Matt Murdock’s apartment just as Daredevil and Iron Fist team with Master Izo and Claw against survivors of the Hand who are working for the Owl. They meet up with Master Izo and his pupil Claw. Claw is an Asian America who grew up in New York City and raised there. There is Tyler a woman played by Maya Rosewood on the Daredevil 2 season finale in Manhattan with Joy Meachum, the Bridge of Spiders Alessa, Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori. Specialist is also there. Specialist should be shown in Flashback killing Stone. Iron Fist with Master Izo and Claw take them on as do Daredevil and Iron Fist just before Gargoyle fights the Owl. Those are survivors of the Hand who work for The Owl. Master Izo in battle kills Joy Meachum. Daredevil defeats The Ninja without killing him. He ties him up. Daredevil and Master Izo talk of Elektra in redemption killed Sophia a drug dealer that worked for Madame Gao. Master Izo stabs Specialist killing him. Daredevil and Iron Fist together defeat the Bridge of Spiders Alessa, Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori incapacitating them. Tyler flip kicks Claw from a blade fight. The Punisher shows up and fights Tyler in a gun fight. Tyler killed Jerry a Vietnam veteran in the Season 2 finale of Daredevil. The Punisher knew of Jerry defending Karen Page on a bus and that the red hair woman Tyler killed him. This is the guilty will be punished. The Punisher 3 times shoots Tyler boom boom boom killing the killer of Jerry.

There could be guest villains that are enemies of those heroes and others out of prison or in return. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing fight Jet and Spit of the Wildboys. There could be an episode called Wildboys. Other villains could be Dragon Man, Leap Frog and Mr. Fear working for the Kingpin while the Daughters of the Dragon with the Wildboys could guest star on an episode just as they take on the Wildboys and the Heroes for Hire take on those super villains in league with the Kingpin. The Daughters of the Dragon vs. the Wildboys with Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage fight Mr. Fear, Leap Frog and Dragon Man. The episode in the season Wilson Fisk the Kingpin faces The Punisher guest starring just as he fights the Kingpin and almost kills him by shooting him on the pier. This should be episode 6 when Daredevil guest stars just as Daredevil faces Bengal while Iron Fist faces Taskmaster while the first episode with the Defenders back and episode 2 of season 2 is called “The Enforcers” while episodes 3 and 4 are the battles of survivors of the chaste vs. survivors of the hand as the Hand survivors work for the Owl in rivalry to the Kingpin. Master Izo and Claw were part of the Order of the Crane Mother. There could be appearances of Stick as a spirit on the show to meet up with Daredevil and Iron Fist. Then an episode 5 called “(other fans could come up with the title idea)”.

Episode 6 there are Dragon Man, Mr. Fear, Leap Frog and The Wildboys  with the Daughters of the Dragon  guest starring. Daredevil with Luke Cage and Iron Fist take on those villains.

Episode 7 Gargoyle and White Tiger fight Ammo and Bullet with guest starring Crossbow as Daredevil faces him just as the Kingpin is to have appearances in that episode with other guest villains.

Maybe Episode 8 called be called Assassins and Kingpin hires Typhoid Mary and Bullseye just as Luke Cage and Hellcat face those 2 Daredevil assassins while Daredevil faces Bushwhacker. Iron Fist takes on the Russian while Gargoyle takes on Barracuda. This is the finale when the Punisher meets with the Defenders founding members in the end of that episode stating that he killed Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin. Those heroes all go their own ways. Carl Creel was on Daredevil and Agents of Shield (as Absorbing Man a Hulk villain).

Dex becomes Bullseye after being sprung by Typhoid Mary while the Enforcers have sprung Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin. The Enforcers are the first to work for the Kingpin after his escape as this show could have guest villains in it. It is Trish Walker free by her attorneys Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock. Also it should somehow be talked Claw opening up gyms or dojos along with Master Izo secretly after leaving the Chaste while Master Izo with a different name is gambling somewhere and Claw plays pool (it was Stick the leader of the Chaste who played pool in the comics). Surviving villains are arrested by Brett Mahoney and Nick Manolis of the NYPD. Tony Masters is Taskmaster in 2021 who is defeated by a member of the Heroes for Hire team. Members of the Hand just won’t stay dead as there should be remarks of it to the Punisher by Master Izo and Claw. There should be the mobsters Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil take on who get redemption when the Punisher kills those bosses. For the Punisher to punish a member of the Hand he shoots Tyler a female read head with a pistol as they each have a pistol in a gun fight. Maybe the Punisher has a 12 gauge shot gun to kill Tyler with and she could still be brought back to life.

This show should happen after more seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Punisher and Kevin Feige should canonize the TV shows.

There should be comic books to replace the cancelled MCU shows on Netflix. The Punisher Season 3, Iron Fist Season 3, Luke Cage Season 3 and Daredevil Season 4. That should be prelude to the Heroes for Hire miniseries. If it doesn’t get to be a TV show it should be web comics to comics in print. This should all be canonized by Kevin Feige that are Agents of Shield and Netflix TV shows.